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I just returned from a week in San Francisco, where I intended to relax at my brother's house and catch some of the LitQuake events.

Unfortunately, Saturday I started feeling pretty bad pain in my lower right abdomen.  By Sunday it was really bad, and my googling of symptoms said "appendicitis, surgery probable".  So I went to the Sutter Health ER.  Four hours and a CT scan later, diagnosed with epiploic appendagitis.  Basically there's some fatty tissue around the appendix that gets twisted around, and pain!  Not appendicitis though.  This cures itself after 3-4 days.  So I left with some painkillers.

But that pretty much meant I was laying up in the house until Wednesday. I did catch the Nasty Women reading event at Bookshop West Portal last night, so the week wasn't a complete bust.
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 This spring, I decided I was finally ready for a cat in the house again, five years after Guinevere died. She was in the neighborhood of 18-21 years old, depending on which estimate from the Humane Society I believed. I had her for 13 years.

It took me three visits to PAWS in the U District to find a cat who fit the bill: no major personalities issues, relatively friendly short hair. He loved being petted and skritched while I was there. So I adopted him.

Got him home. He immediately hid. After a month being moved around foster places and shelters, so I figured he might take a few days to get accustomed to my apartment. He never did. He pretty much only came out at night and when the Roomba vacuumed his hiding spot under the couch. He'd freak out a bit then, but would let me hold him and would calm down after about 15 minutes. But once I set him down he immediately went back to hiding.

I named him Steve Your Asshole Buddy because he yowled a lot at night.

I posted about him a few times to a private filter on Facebook, figuring once he got more comfortable I'd start posting pictures and whatnot more publicly.

That never happened. Thursday night he freaked out, came out from under the couch, but still wouldn't let me near him. Dragged his left hind leg, and had a bunch of other symptoms I don't want to go into because I don't want to write about an animal in distress.

Heather came over and helped me corral him into a carrier, then took me to an emergency vet. They diagnosed him with a heart condition and he died.

I'm a little sad this didn't work out, but I didn't have Steve long enough to hit me super hard.  I have a couple of trips coming up, so it doesn't make sense to adopt again until the traveling is done.  Soon though.
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I received the Pixel i ordered today, along with the free Google Home device.
  1. The phone is very smooth. It's my first all aluminum body phone, rather than plastic. I feel like I'm about to drop it all the time.
  2. For the same reason, it won't stay in my car mount in landscape mode. I have to keep it in portrait.
  3. Not really a fan of the aluminum for these reasons.
  4. It's thin. Very thin.
  5. So far, battery seems to be better than the Nexus.
  6. I like the Home device. I put it next to my bed and will use it as a clock radio with voice control.
  7. Speaking of voice control, it's very sensitive. It recognizes the hotword even when I'm in the other room with the door shut. Which means I have to turn off hotword detection on my phone while at home, or make the Home stop listening when I hang out in the other room.
  8. Google Fi doesn't have any of my usual Verizon dead spots, which is good.

Gone awry

Jun. 1st, 2017 12:47 pm
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I participated in a relatively harmless practical joke this weekend that I didn't anticipate would bother the target. It did though. No idea why it did, but I hadda suck it up and make things right.

I am thankful for having been through making 12 step amends as well as teaching high school students "the mistake process" as part of Community for Youth. I didn't have family or school that modeled making things right when someone screwed up. You just got in trouble. Even with latter day learning, it's still a struggle for me to do it well. In other words, I knew that things were wrong, but not what to do other than hide from my dad.

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Not sure what things they do have the power over, but one of them isn't "make sure insurance companies deal with things in a timely fashion."
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I sent a request to the Carver County (Minnesota) Historical Society for copies of four newspaper articles in their archives. I wasn't clear if their "processing fee" was per article or per request, so I sent a check as if it was per article. It was an extra $9, which is no big deal.

They called me today. The fee is per request, so I'd overpaid them. I told her to consider the extra $9 a donation to the society. Historical and genealogical societies do good work for my pastime, and don't always have a super-sound source of funding. So I'm happy to contribute a little bit.

Nevertheless, I spent about 5 minutes on the phone with her as she tried to figure out a way to get me a better deal. Too young to get the senior discount on a membership. Short $3 to get an affiliate membership. Finally I convinced her that it was all right.

Genealogy attracts a weird mix of types. I've run into to people who decided to uncover why I was researching my great grandmother's family, as if I was part of some sort of conspiracy. And others who generously do a bunch of my research just because I am someone who is really interested in telling my family's story.

Today isn't the first time someone called long distance to figure out how to save me $5 or $10 on a record lookup.

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It's been five years since I put Guinevere to sleep. Felt I was ready for a cat again, so went up to PAWS Cat City to visit cats for adoption on Monday. Sadly, none of the three available for adoption were right for me. I was originally going to check out a couple of different places on Monday, but they weren't open for adoptions then. Anyway, I'll go back next week and see who is there.
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Finally had my oncologist appointment to go over my CT scan results. As thought, no signs there of cancer there. Oncologist futzed over lots of other items in the scan and in my bloodwork, but none of them are cancer. It's more like your hypochondriac uncle who's also a doctor. Kinda odd. My pulse was high. I have a pocket of fluid. I sometimes don't sleep too well. No cancer, which is the important thing.

I was pretty sure my next CT scan according to the schedule I was given was to be in September. Doc said we'll skip the June one and go straight to September. Now I'm a bit worried that what he told me the protocol would be in September is not what he's saying now. Not that he is modifying it. But that what he says the protocol is changes. He's supposed to be the expert in this protocol. Have verified the change with the copy of the protocol I scanned from September.


May. 4th, 2017 10:10 pm
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The mother of my a high school classmate died from Alzheimers this afternoon during the middle of the thunderstorms that passed through the area.

I am so sad for her, but I also expect her family is relieved that Marilyn isn't suffering anymore.

Watching a video Nancy took earlier today of her mother having a slightly lucid moment and singing with those in the room was heartbreaking. It took me back to when Mom and Gram died. Mom had her mind but not her body. Gram's Alzheimers had taken her mind. And I was relieved both times by the time they died. For them and not having to suffer, and for me in the hopes that my images of them would finally start to be restored to them in better days.

I can't think of them even today without the images of them suffering, though it doesn't completely drown the good memories anymore. I hope Nancy has a better experience than I did.


May. 2nd, 2017 12:11 pm
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By the way, I'm finding it easier to post here than on the Facebooks or my personal blog. Everything on the personal blog has to be public, so I can't write stuff like my last post (access list locked, if you are reading this and wondering what I'm talking about). And Facebook isn't really conducive to longer posts. I'm not giving up on either of the other venues. But finding it easier to write about some things here.
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Oncologist office called to do a pre-checkin today for my appointment next week. Primarily they wanted to get my insurance information. I still don't have that from Regence. Definitely means that any money I pay toward April will be wasted.
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When I put in my notice at the last job, I assumed my insurance would carry through to the end of the month. I had an CT scan scheduled for my last day (a Friday), and the related oncologist appointment for the following Tuesday. In my exit interview at 1 pm on that Friday, I was informed that my insurance got cut off at midnight. I hadn't read the documentation I was sent two days earlier closely enough.

So I scrambled to apply for insurance that day, rather than do it the following Monday as I'd planned. Got on WAHealthPlanFinder, put in my info, including that my last day of coverage was 3/24. Picked a plan. Got confirmation that night that I was approved and that I should call the insurance company (Regence) or go to their web site to pay. Start date 4/1.

Called the oncologist on Monday and delayed my appointment for a week. Called Regence to find out how to pay. They had no record of me. CSR said it took a couple of days to get in the system. That's fine. I expect these things.

I get "secure email" from Regence on 4/3 saying they need a letter from my employer before they can approve my insurance, deadline 4/10. I submit it online the same day. Within the hour. On 4/5, having heard nothing, I emailed Regence asking what's up. I get a non-committal response. There'll be a new deadline if that doesn't suffice.

On 4/10, having heard nothing I call my oncologist and delay the appointment until May.

On 4/11, I get a request for a document from my previous insurance, deadline for submission 4/25. Letter from the employer wasn't good enough. Note that this is the day after the previous deadline. I immediately call Cigna, the previous insurance. The document from them arrives on 4/17, and I submit it online that day.

On 4/26 (the day after the deadline), having not heard from them and starting to worry, I call the underwriting department. They say they've approved it and I need to call the exchange to arrange payment. Payment goes through Regence anyway. So I call the exchange, they have no record of the approval and as far as they are concerned, it was approved on 3/25. I need to talk to Regence. So I call Regence again, the regular line this time thinking it's out of underwriting's hands. But the CSR just transfers me to underwriting. This time the underwriting person tells me the application was approved this morning at 10:36, but that there's nothing they can do on their end to speed of processing any more. Later in the call, she tells me because it's an exchange based policy, it will take 4 days to get the paperwork transmitted back to the exchange, rather than the normal two. This means that the earliest I would actually have insurance is the last day of the fucking month, but I'd have to pay for the entire month. But even that's unlikely because after the exchange gets it the information has to be put back into Regence' system for payment and then to send me my insurance card. So I won't be insured until May at least, but I'll have to pay for April.

And no guarantee that all this paperwork will be processed before my appointment.

So, frustrated, I file a complaint with the Washington Insurance Commissioner, explaining all this. Total delay that I'm responsible for is a few hours. Total delay due to Cigna is 6 days. Total delay due to Regence (and possibly some due to the Washington insurance exchange) is 27 days. So far. I request:

  • A refund of any premiums I have to pay for April.
  • That Regence word its document requests so that everything can be submitted in one shot, with requirements understandable to people who aren't insurance terminology geeks.
  • That Regence staff its underwriting department sufficient that paperwork processing happens in a timely fashion rather than the day after deadlines.
  • A pony

I tweet the previous bit out too, tagging the Regence Twitter handle. That person wants my info and I'm reluctant to give it, having been on the phone for an hour today already. However, about an hour later she's on the line with me and with the exchange at the same time, and the exchange is putting in a ticket to change my start date to 5/1. With the Regence person on the line, she doesn't think there will be any problem approving it. It would have required me putting a request in to Regence and paperwork being sent back and forth without that. I also recorded all this portion. Thank you Google Voice! It'll probably mean I get one set of insurance cards for a start date of 4/1, and a second set with a start date of 5/1.

I'd rather have gotten the insurance processed in a timely fashion, and my oncologist appointment not delayed for a month. But it's better than nothing. And I still want them to rewrite their requests and staff the hell up. I doubt the insurance commissioner will order that however. Still, I hope Regence has to at least spend some cycles on responding to those parts of the request.

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 I have a general rule of thumb: the person who cancels on something with me is the person whose responsibility it is to reschedule.  If I have something come up that requires me to cancel on lunch with a friend, it's on me to propose a new date or time.  If someone cancels on me, I'm not going to chase them down for a new date.

This update brought to you buy two people canceling on me earlier this week, and one last week.  I'm disappointed they didn't reschedule, but I have to take that as a possible sign they aren't interested in spending time with me.  I will not be the douchebro who can't take hints.

Last post

Apr. 8th, 2017 09:30 am
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I don't plan to delete my LJ (I paid for permanent status, dammit), but this will be the last post.  I don't plan to read it anymore, either (once I've taken care of a few things).

I'm on dreamwidth at, have the personal blog at, at,, Google+ under my name, and even ello.

Well hello

Apr. 4th, 2017 11:31 am
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I guess I'll be posting here now instead of LiveJournal. Not that I post there much, but it's kinda nice for semi-protected musings when I don't want the attention of Facebook.


Mar. 24th, 2017 06:44 pm
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Turns out my insurance is cut off at midnight tonight, not the end of the month. In a way, that's a good thing.  Now I'll move my appointment scheduled for next week to the following week.  Where it will count against my deductible for my new insurance and not for the current insurance.

Next week is already full of things to do.
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A week off, but tomorrow I head to the home office for a week there.
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CNN has Jake Tapper discussing the Women's March with Michael Moore.
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I finally saw Captain America: Civil War this weekend.

It did something that I really enjoyed that doesn't happen all that often in super-hero movies. They used their super-powers in the fight scenes. So used to people just bashing each other around with lots of cuts.


Mar. 31st, 2016 01:05 am
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Clinton: 8,924,920
Sanders: 6,398,420


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